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Photos U-Z

Soldiers' photos published in the Dursley Gazette, surnames U to Z.

Surname First name Rank Service
Regiment Community Gazette
Vigar Reginald Pte Gloucestershire Falfield 04/11/1916
Walker Dan Wotton 11/08/1917
Wathen Walter Pte Wotton 17/07/1915
Watkins Leslie Pte Royal Dublin Fusiliers Falfield 06/07/1918
Watts George Pte Army Veterinary Corps Cambridge 02/03/1918
Watts Trewren Pte 16114 Gloucestershire Coaley 10/06/1916
Webb Pte Oldbury 16/06/1917
Wellicome WC
Wotton 02/12/1916
West Ernest Sidney
Dursley 28/10/1916
Whithorn Percy Woodford 09/12/1916
Whiting Clifford Archibald Cpl 12083 Worcestershire Dursley 19/06/1915
Whittard Arthur Rflm R13776 King's Royal Rifle Corps Dursley 22/01/1916
Wilcox Henry Pte 17776 Gloucestershire Wickwar 27/11/1915
Williams George Pte 32818 Royal Warwickshire Sharpness 18/03/1916
Wintle G Sharpness 24/02/1917
Wise Rex
Dursley 20/10/1917
Woodbine Harry Pte Gloucestershire Dursley 25/05/1918
Woodlands AH Wotton 13/04/1918
Woodman G Pte 15182 Gloucestershire Berkeley 01/05/1915
Woodward (DCM) Harry Cpl Dursley 19/02/1916
Woodward J North Nibley 26/08/1916
Woodward Percy Stinchcombe 23/09/1916
Workman George Pte
Cam 29/04/1916
Workman Maurice Dursley 27/01/1917
Workman Thomas
Cam 26/01/1918
Wyatt Albert Stinchcombe 20/10/1917
Wyatt Doris n/a n/a Listers worker Dursley 18/05/1918
Wyatt John Dursley 16/11/1918
Wyatt William LCpl 659 Gloucestershire North Nibley 07/08/1915
Young Ernest Kingswood 18/11/1916
Young FE Charfield 05/01/1918
Younger Jack Uley 20/01/1917

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